Sunday, October 21, 2012


Now that Haskell is getting some traction even in a popular German computer magazine, I thought it might be OK to share a piece of work I did for fun in Haskell back in August 2010.

I have the habit of, whenever I encounter a new programming language, or programming language implementation framework, implementing an interpreter for a Very Particular Programming Language Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered In Public Out Of Consideration For The Faint Of Heart in that language or framework. The interesting thing about This Language is that it is so simple that it does not get in my way when I do my first careful steps. Of course, It usually does not challenge the implementation platform in interesting ways, but that's not quite the point. It's about learning (and having fun doing so).

COLA did see this happen. So did Haskell; I just didn't bother to make it available yet. (It's probably a very bad example of Haskell programming anyway.)

Well, here it is, and it has a friendly license. Please send comments my way.

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  1. levjj20:59

    Thanks for this blog post! It inspired me to do my own implementation: