Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Alive

The little guy in the image moves about until (almost) hitting an obstacle, upon which event it drives back a bit, turns away and moves on.

"Come on, anyone can assemble and program an NXT robot to do that."

That's right, but please note the display in the background: it shows a Squeak window, and that's actually the environment in which the program described above was written, and from which it was deployed to the robot.

What's more, the robot runs a little Smalltalk VM, and the application is just part of a Smalltalk image executed by the VM on the robot. No remote control is involved, the robot understands Smalltalk!

We call it NXTalk, and it's being developed by Martin Beck as part of his MSc research.

There will be a release early next year. Stay tuned.


  1. this is great! will the next year's release be announced on squeak-announce/squeak-dev?

  2. Of course it will.

  3. Ha.

    Apparently someone in France liked this posting so much they simply translated it and copied the image as well, without giving proper credit.

    It's a bit rude. I rely on the guy's conscience...