Monday, December 11, 2006

Mindstorms NXT Firmware Released

Hooray, Lego has finally released the NXT firmware today, as also several blogs report.

The license looks LGPLish to me, but I am not an expert. In any case, it states that all modified versions of the firmware must be published under the same license, and that it is possible to use the (modified) firmware in new software products, provided that the (modified) firmware itself is still covered by the license.

Apparently, the firmware is meant to be built using IAR tools, more precisely, the IAR Embedded Workbench, which is freely available only as a 30-day trial version or as a "kickstart" edition, which is limited in code size. I don't know whether the limited size is enough for building the NXT firmware. Would be nice, though. ;-)

Some patches are available that allow for compiling the firmware using the GCC tool chain.

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