Saturday, March 11, 2006

Amongst Brits

I'm in Lancaster, UK, right now (well, for some two weeks already, and one more is yet to come), teaching virtual machines to undergraduates at Lancaster University.

It's a nice place, this campus. The computer science department resides in a building at the south end - and they have some nice views out to the English countryside.

This is where I live. In fact, I go to my on-campus accommodation, which is at the opposite end of campus, only for sleeping and having a shower in the morning. It's indeed a nice building to work in!

This is the view; unfortunately, not from my office. I envy those who have an office at the opposite side of the building.

One of these days, we've had quite a lot of snow. I've been told snow is rare around Lancaster; but still, it was funny to watch everybody gazing at the snow in awe.

The view was still nice, in spite of the snow.

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