Tuesday, December 20, 2005

That's that.

I had my doctoral exam last Friday and succeeded. Hooray!

At the ensuing party, my colleagues presented me with a basket full of beer (in bottles, that is). It's going to be fun to taste all this stuff, given that I know but one of the eighteen. Thanks!

My wife and friends also had a "little" present for me... what's a prospective engineer's favourite toy in their younger days? Right. Lego.

So the Lego company had the brilliant idea of providing high-end models, one of which is the Star Destroyer known from the Star Wars series. That's over 3,000 pieces in the box waiting to be assembled, and the model is about one metre long when finished. Huuuuge. Thanks once more!

I couldn't say what I'm more looking forward to: tasting the beers, or building the Lego Star Destroyer...?