Saturday, October 22, 2005

Making a Church Whole Again

On October 2nd, the church of St. Elisabeth in Darmstadt was made whole again.

On the occasion of the fold's 100th anniversary, the chancel was renovated and a new altar was installed. The new altar was consecrated by Karl Cardinal Lehmann, and the first Eucharist after the renovation was celebrated.

I've got some images, taken by Peter Klaffke, who kindly allowed me to make them available here. Thanks Peter!

You can click on the images to see larger versions.

This is how the chancel looks now. The image was taken before the service. The altar was chiselled out of one massive block.

During the consecration, incense is burned on the altar.

Adoration of the now consecrated altar.

Cardinal Lehmann celebrates the first Eucharist on the new altar: the church feels complete and "right" again.

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