Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Whither now, Germany?

Good grief.

Now who would possibly have expected that? We Germans have elected a new parliament, and bang, nothing works any more. None of the old coalitions work any more. None of the majorities this country has gotten used to over the last forty years is in charge. The by-election due in two weeks in Dresden won't make much of a difference.

It is fascinating to see that the old-fashioned established political camps don't guarantee a majority any more, not without doping them. (No pun intended. Without a whole bunch of doped semiconductors, you wouldn't be able to read this.)

So, what's next? Or rather, who's next? A big coalition? Angela Merkel has the largest fraction behind her (or has she?). Gerhard Schröder claims to have the majority (and I'd very much like to know how he has come to that conclusion).

I'd appreciate a quick pragmatic decision. There is much to do in this country.

The next few days will be very interesting.

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