Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tickets, please!

It's a pity that Lars von Trier has resigned from the demanding post as the director of the next "Ring" at Bayreuth. It was for this staging only that I've started to apply for tickets (no, you don't just buy them in Bayreuth) six years ago when I first heard that von Trier would be next.

Well, no. Whatever the reason was, it won't be him. When I first heard that, I thought the last five years of unsuccessful applications for "Ring" tickets - actually, I didn't want them to succeed - had been in vain, and wanted to give up.

But Tankred Dorst is the substitute. I don't know much of his works, but his "Merlin" is a good read after all, so that may be worth it.

In a nutshell, I applied for tickets once more yesterday. A blue sheet of paper in an envelope, a stamp, a letterbox, there you go. That's how easy it is. Now the waiting begins again. They'll tell me next year, probably around February, whether my application was successful this time.

Someone, please keep your fingers crossed.

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